GQ Style, Fashion editor Andrea Tenerani

Styling: Andrea Tenerani Model: James Smith Models 1 London Casting: Vanessa Contini Grooming: Franco Argento @ Atomo Management, Milan. Assistance: Paola Greco


Living far away from Italy, my mother land, has allowed me during the past ten years to grow an incredible facination for my people; something that would at some point surprise me and go beyond simple appreciation and respect.
I took this pictures in a beech in Sorrento, near Napoli. The unique characteristics of the subjects belong to an era I had forgotten ever existed, while fortunately it's still here.

All the images will be part of my hardback book of portraits out december 2010.

Matthew Williamson for VOGUE.IT

Itallian Vogue asked me to take the portrait of London designer Matthew Williamson and of a selected number of his guests during the launch of his new book.
Matthew's work has always been very colorful and vibrant.
I wanted to picture him as the very elegant and charming man I think he is.

Matthew Williamson

Edie Campbell Tallulah Harlech and Amber Atherton

Valentine Fillol-Cordier and Poppy Delevigne

Annie Monroe from The like

Matthew Williamson and Sienna Miller

Art Direction: Ann Shore for Italian Vogue

GQ Italy, October Issue.

Shot with Fashion editor Andrea Tenerani, here is my first main fashion story for Italian GQ.

Fashion Editor: Andrea Tenerani, Grooming: Franco Argento @ Atomo, Production and Fashion assistance: Federica Zucchi, Casting: Vanessa Contini, Photo assistance: Paola Greco, Gabriele. Shot at Officine del Volo, Milano Italy.